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Brew Beat celebrates the best in local craft beer. This noble art is dedicated to producing rich, bubbly, tangy, nutty, hoppy, creamy flavours in subtle combinations. Brew Beat is a festival for everyone and craft beer matches this spirit.  

We’ll feature a variety of 40+ craft beers from your favourite breweries, including Charnwood, Leatherbritches, Everards, Round Corner, Hollow Stone, Hockley Brew and more.

Not a fan of beer? Not an issue. There’ll be soft drinks aplenty as well as cider, gin, fizz and cocktails across our three bar areas, so all palettes are served. That said, if you’ve only ever tried lager in a warm, chipped glass at your local, we encourage you to try something new—the beauty of craft beer is in the variety.

Pubs and bars across the city have joined Brew Beat, featuring loads of drinks you won’t ordinarily see in their lineup. We’ll release more information on this as more join.

Leicester's end
of Summer

Friday 1st 5pm - 10pm
saturday 2nd 12pm - 10pm
sunday 3rd 12pm - 7pm

Free entry every day

Jubilee Square